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2013 Toyota Highlander Limited

Limited was all wheel drive. On other models front wheel drive in the norm, and would need the upgrade to AWD. This did take our overall mileage figure to 19.8 for the weeklong test that included a good mix between highway, and around town trips. Even when you figure in the extra length of the many drives we took, we felt this was a good number for the size of the vehicle. Going to the AWD also gives you a great 0 to 60 time of just 7.5 seconds, making the Highlander one of the quickest SUV Crossovers on the road.

are pretty nice this time of year as well.

Up front for what might be considered 'Adult' entertainment, was a great infotainment system that included Bluetooth connectivity, and worked flawlessly with our phones both for making calls, and Adidas Prophere listening to our music, even if Deanne keeps complaining about the 80's music that Craig tends to gravitate to. There was also navigation, and monitoring of all the vital functions of the Highlander.

The Highlander is available with two different engine choices, the base model can be had with a 4 cylinder inline motor, that produces 187 horsepower along with 186 foot pounds of torque, and coupled with a six speed transmission, get a combined 22 miles per gallon. Not to bad for a small SUV. The other option or what comes standard on the Limited Edition is a 3.8 liter V6 motor. Horsepower moves to a comfortable 270 with 248 foot pounds of torque.

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Inside the comforts continued throughout the cabin, it seemed again that we had entered the world of Lexus, but were still in Toyota. The perforated and heated front seats were comfortable enough, and were accompanied by a great leather trimmed dash went well with the wood grained trim up front. About the only complaint that Craig had was, as we are heading into a cooler season, where is the heated steering wheel? Oh the first world problems we have to deal with!

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With all of the great features that came with it in the Limited trim level, it was hard to not want to extend any drive we took, even if it was as simple as just going to get some groceries, the long way home always seemed to be the best path to take, even if the detour was an extra 50 miles.

Toyota's new tag line 'Let's Go Places' was our favorite part of the test drive in the Highlander from the moment it arrived in our driveway, it just seemed to call out to us to go someplace! Scotland would have been our first choice but we had to settle for the hills of Hobble Creek canyon, ok they Adidas Jacket Uk

Standard there are 3 rows of seating, with the second row having the ability to slide and recline, a nice feature for those that spend time in the back seat. There was also a way to take out the center section of the second row of seats, and stow it under the center console, making the rear seem to have two bucket seats. The third row of seats were small and would not be a great place for an adult to spend much time, and when folded up did not leave much rear cargo room.

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We found this to be a true fact, never feeling that we were underpowered or needing something more even if we were fully stopped, and needed that extra punch to get into traffic. In fact there were times that we both commented that we felt as if we were driving a Lexus RX not a Toyota Highlander. With the larger engine a properly equipped Highlander is capable of towing up to 5000 pounds, which would get most weekend toys to the proper place.

We thoroughly enjoyed our week with the Highlander, and would not hesitate to take it almost anywhere, be it up the canyon for some simple off roading for a family picnic, or an extended vacation across the county. With all of the great creature comforts and features in the Limited edition every drive is not long enough! See one today at Brent Brown Toyota, 1400 Sandhill Road in Orem, 801 224 1320.

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Adidas Prophere

The name 'Highlander' from the onset, conjures up boundless images in our minds wide open territory in the Scottish highlands, green, plush and mountainous country with a rugged people that are ready to take on any challenges, having already been tested over years of refinement. The minds eye image that we get from that name is breathtaking to say the least, as was our first view of the new Toyota Highlander!

The 9 speaker JBL sound system was outstanding, and with the only addition to the Highlander from the standard package being a DVD entertainment system that included a 9 inch screen, inputs for external audio and video along with a 120 volt converter, thus allowing the kids to stay entertained, even if that necessitates the use of an Xbox or other device. On the plus side keeping a laptop going is not out of the question either.

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do have a slight advantage in the amount of cargo space available because of the smaller stance of the Highlander, even with the second row of seats folded down we were still drawn to the nimble abilities of the Highlander that will make it a great choice in this segment.

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The 19 inch alloy wheels added comfort and stability to the ride, yet steering was still nimble and engaged with the driver, never leaving you feeling out of control. Staying on the outside of the vehicle it came with heated mirrors that included what they call puddle lights, or lights that illuminated the ground as one approached the vehicle. A windshield wiper deicer, projector beam headlights, and fog lights, rounded out the rugged exterior look of the Highlander, and added to the usefulness of this vehicle in all the crazy weather conditions we encounter here in Utah.

It needs to be pointed out that there are a number of competitors in this larger SUV Crossover segment, with such names as Chevrolet Traverse, Dodge Durango and Hyundai Santa Fe. Having had the opportunity to drive most of these other vehicles, one of the things that we really enjoyed about the Highlander was that it is a wee bit smaller than the others, and that gives it a slight edge in maneuverability around town and in tight parking situations. Most mom's and dad's will want to look seriously at this detail, as that slight advantage in size can prove invaluable in everyday driving, especially if the kids are still young.

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