Differences Between Latin And US Home Décor Style

Differences Between Latin And US Home Décor Style

These décor themes are having their moments and it is simple to see why. They are characterized by bold prints and hues and colorful patterns. If you are looking at decorating your home in a stylish and contemporary way, you can adopt any of these themes.

If you are looking to add modern minimalist furniture to your home décor style, then you should go through a list of modern minimalist furniture stores in the US on US-Reviews to know the right type of modern minimalist furniture to buy and where to buy them. Here are some differences between Latin and US home décor styles.

Colorful walls

In the Latin home décor style, the walls are colorful. They are mostly decorated with seashells, bite-sized pieces of glass, pebbles, etc. and this makes the walls stand out. These wrap-around murals made the room look royal and enhanced other elements in the room. However, art walls are not common in the US home décor theme. The walls are left blank or covered with pictures of family and friends. Sometimes, some people use wallpapers.

Handcarved arches

A lot of homes with the Latin home décor style have hand-carved arches. For some reason, a lot of people love to have this design in their homes. Considering how this feature makes the home look excellent, the reason is not far-fetched. Besides, the hand-carved arch has a beautiful shape and is painted with exciting colors, and this creates a subtle balance between it and the rest of the walls. Apart from the aesthetic purposes, the arch brings in natural light and freshness too. However, in most US-themed décor homes, intentionally, hand-carved arches are not common.

Irrespective of the home décor theme you are using, here are tips for decorating your home to make it look refreshing and welcoming:

Bring in a plant

Having a plant or two in your home will make it feel more relaxing and therapeutic. There are lots of home-maintenance plants you can get, such as cactus, philodendron, etc. To make your space look more beautiful, put the plant on your side table or nightstand. However, don’t forget to keep it alive. Start with a small plant till you are ready to get a bigger one.

Frame your pictures or arts

In this era of much-sophisticated home designs and themes, it is an unforgivable sin to hang your unframed pictures or artworks on the wall and hold them with tape. It is more refined and sophisticated to simply frame your pictures, artworks, posters, etc. before you place them on the wall. There are many unique ways of hanging frames that you can use too. If not, simply think out of the box and make something creative.

Match the right glasses and coffee mugs

Mismatching your glasses and mugs often looks messy when they are displayed, and this decreases the ambiance of your kitchen. You don’t have to get your mugs and glasses from the same manufacturer so that they will bear the same logo, you can however display mismatched mugs and glasses intentionally such that they have a cool effect. You can get inexpensive ones at the dollar store. You can also check out more ideas on how to display your tableware in the kitchen on Youtube.

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